We make you fly...

Kannes education consultancy Now a days education is more precious assets for any person. This is achieved by combining professional qualification with university course & degree programmes. Consequently, student can achieve degree at substantially lower cost than on comparable course at abroad universities. Everyone and every company is looking for growth and the thirst for knowledge is everywhere. Trained, well qualified and highly motivated staff is the only way to achieve this. Here, we have well experienced and highly qualified staff who help students to take decision about their career related to their qualification.

What We Do

Kannes Education Consultants provide A to Z services Student Visa in major Universities of the countries like Malaysia,Singapore,Canada,USA,New Zealand,India and Cyprus in addition to the oversees services providing for Work Permit, Immigration and Permanent Residents (PR) visa to the major locations in the Globe. When student come with dream of studying abroad we are the place he/she starts with selection of subject and institution end up with successful completion of their proposed study program.

Our Role

Our role is understand the requirements of the students in terms of their previous qualifications, their family A financial background, interests, future goals and a combination of such factors and help the students to choose the right course. Their education should be advantageous to them in their careers in the future. We are committed to ensuring that students receive a worthwhile, productive and high quality experience abroad.